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Mobile App

CrewEyes offers a mobile app that enables companies to clock employees in and out in the field even where phone reception is not maintained. This means that you can track time even in the most remote of locations. Each recorded time is linked to a particular employee. This allows you to get notifications about employees breaking schedule regulations that can save you millions of dollars from overlooked lawsuits. Did you know that in some states if you don't pay an employee who doesn't take his lunch before the 6th hour you can face legal charges that accrue for every week it goes unpaid accumulating millions of dollars fast if gone unnoticed. This app is designed to eliminated that from happening. It works in coordination with the CrewEyes Web App.

Mobile Web App

CrewEyes offers a mobile friendly web app that maintains majority of the functionality found in the desktop web app. You can access all of the systems found on CrewEyes from equipment tracking, Employee Training, and event reporting features. For a full list of available features please click here

We built CrewEyes to be available from anywhere on any internet connected device. This meant designing a responsive system that will work on Computers, Tablets & Especially mobile phones. This also helps the front lines use the same systems as the office personnel.

Android Web App