Some Features We Currently Offer Include:

Employee Management

CrewEyes is a cloud based service that allows you to securely store records of your employees on a wide variety of fields. It also allows you to keep track of company incidents with each employee. CrewEyes is continuously backed up to ensure data retention for years to come.

CrewEyes also offers job tracking for keeping tabs on what supplies or equipment is at certain jobs on specific dates.

Email Messaging System

The Email Messaging System, allows you to send emails to different custom groups you create or to any employee or users in your system and even additional emails should you need to. It is useful for sending an alert out to your remote workers they may need to be aware of.

Supply Tracking System

This function allows you track every supply that makes its way through your CrewEyes System Be it gloves or what ever supplies your company use. It also generates reports for you to keep track of your supply usages.

User Management

CrewEyes is designed to allows delegation to different managers so that the company can operate normally with the benefits of the CrewEyes System. This means that the site moderator can create new users and assign them roles to manage the different areas of the CrewEyes System.